The Pricing Seminar

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50 videos • 100 days
money-back guarantee • peer discussion

The Experience

You can read all the books about San Francisco, and you still won’t understand what it feels like to hang off the side of a packed trolley rattling through the cool evening air.

You can read all the books about performing, and you still won’t understand what it feels like to step up to a mic in front of a packed house.

You can read all the books about parenting, and you still won’t understand what it feels like to hear the soft breathing of your toddler asleep in your lap.

Knowledge is valuable. But there’s a big gap between knowledge and understanding.

You bridge the gap with experience.

A good book about how to create a successful business is valuable, but it will only give you knowledge. If you want to achieve understanding, you need an experience. I built The Pricing Seminar to give you that experience.

The Program

Stop billing, start pricing.

50 video lessons • 24/7 peer discussion • 100 days of content

The content for TPS breaks more or less evenly into five categories: positioning, products, publishing, proposals, and pricing.

Following is a categorized list of the concepts and topics that you can expect to learn about in the seminar.






The Details

Who is The Pricing Seminar for?

The Pricing Seminar is for designers, developers, copywriters, coaches, consultants, photographers, illustrators, musicians, lawyers, accountants, architects, therapists, counselors, and other professionals whose business is based on trading time for money.

What is The Pricing Seminar?

The Pricing Seminar is an online learning experience designed to teach you how to package, price, market, and sell your expertise. It is not a DIY video course that you are expected to go through on your own.

It is a series of 50 short, focused video lessons released every other day for 100 days. You can watch each lesson in about five minutes. At the end of each, I'll prompt you with an exercise. Not a homework assignment, per se, but something to test or try or research or think about.

Then, you jump into the Slack channel for the lesson and discuss your findings with me and the other participants to help each other internalize the concept of the lesson.

Where does TPS take place?

The Pricing Seminar takes place in a private Slack room that has been structured and customized to maximize engagement with the material and the community. You can easily watch the videos and participate in the discussion from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.

When is The Pricing Seminar?

The next session of TPS is scheduled for Spring 2019, but there will be some welcome, warm-up, and optional lesson videos released prior to the start date. Once the session is in progress, you can go at your own pace. The experience is designed to keep you from falling behind, but it's fine if you don't keep up. The content will be available for an additional 100 days after the last video is posted.

Why should I consider TPS?

The Pricing Seminar is not for everyone, but it might be for you.

You should consider TPS if you are sick of being a slave to the clock. If you are sick of arguing about hours entries. If you are sick of blown estimates and fighting to get invoices paid.

It’s for people who are tired of being micromanaged. For people who are tired of being undercut by amateurs. For people who think that Upwork and 99Designs and Fiverr are destroying the industry.

It’s for people who are itching to do their best work. For people who are ready to operate in their genius zone. For people who want to have a bigger impact in the world.

And it’s for people who want to get paid fairly for their expertise.

Can you afford to wait?

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